Frequently Asked Questions: Employment Law

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In the world of employment law, it can be confusing to know what an employer can and cannot do in the workplace. There are very strict federal and state laws that outline the behavior that is acceptable for employers. Below you will find some of our frequently asked questions as they pertain to employment law in Portland.

How can I prove racial discrimination in my workplace?
Racial discrimination can be difficult to prove as it involves providing sufficient evidence that the actions of an employer or coworker were provoked by race. Our team understands the complications behind proving racial discrimination, and we have the knowledge to find the evidence needed to help your case.

  • Evidence of racial discrimination can include:
  • Hiring records and patterns
  • Questions asked during interviews
  • Interviews from other employees
  • History of inappropriate and degrading remarks

If I want to file a claim against my employer, how soon should I seek legal help?
You should seek legal help as soon as possible. In many cases, employment-related claims are time-sensitive and require a lot of paperwork with strict deadlines.

What is whistleblowing and how can employers use it against me?
Whistleblowing refers to employees who either refuse to participate in illegal or inappropriate activities in the workplace, or who report such activity to the proper authorities. In some cases, employers may retaliate against whistleblowers with disciplinary action and even terminate their employment. These actions violate employment laws.

Are employers allowed to fire me after I file for workers' compensation?
Employers are not allowed to fire you for filing for workers' compensation. Legally, they must cover your medical expenses if you are injured on the job. If they discipline you or threaten you in order to keep you from seeking workers' compensation benefits, you have the right to file a claim against them.

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