Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Our firm is dedicated to representing employees who have been sexually harassed or subjected to inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.

What is Sexual Harassment/ Hostile Work Environment?

Sexual harassment can take on many forms. Repeated sexual comments to or in your presence, subtle or overt sexual innuendos, leering or physical touching all constitute sexual harassment if it is done at work or during a work-related event, even if a social event. Pressure for dates or sex or receiving sexually-charged messages, text, email or social media also qualify as sexual harassment.

Being subjected to conduct of a sexual nature that you find offensive can also constitute a hostile work environment, even if that conduct is not specifically aimed at you, can also constitute a sexually hostile work environment.

If sexual harassment at work is bothering you, do not quit. Call our office for a free consultation about your rights. If you are experiencing retaliation for reporting sexual harassment, don’t wait until you are forced out or fired, call us for help.

Who is liable for sexual harassment?

Employers, regardless of their size, can be liable for sexual harassment even if they are not the direct offender or had no knowledge of the harassment. If they tolerated a hostile work environment or should have reasonably known about the sexual harassment, they can be held accountable for damages. The individual perpetrator is also directly liable as well as all the HR personnel and managers who failed to take any action to protect your rights.

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At Unlawful Termination Lawyers, LLC, our experienced Portland employment law attorneys have made it our mission to advocate for victims of sexual harassment. We believe in enforcing your rights so we handle all cases on contingency and we front costs in all cases. This means, there will be no financial burden on you for pursuing your rights.

Let Us Give Karma a Push!

Regardless of whether you were terminated or forced to quit due to sexual harassment, or are still working in the hostile work environment, our sympathetic employment attorneys can assist you. Our relentless efforts have garnered millions of dollars in damages for our clients. Our tenacious pursuit of employee justice in the last few decades has led to changes in employment policies and corporate structures at some of the largest corporations in the United States. We are not afraid to fight and fight for your rights we will!

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