Wrongful Termination in Oregon

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Oregon is an "at-will" state. An employer may terminate an employee at any time for any reason or for no reason at all. Whatever the reason given, state law mandates that the termination must be legally valid. Individuals fired for illegal reasons may sue for wrongful termination damages.

At Unlawful Termination Lawyers, LLC, our Portland employment law attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience protecting the rights of individuals victimized by unscrupulous employers. If you have been wrongfully terminated, our team can be your passionate and tenacious advocate. We are committed to reclaiming your rights and receiving the justice that you deserve.

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Types of Cases We Handle

Many employers use the "at-will" designation to unfairly and wrongfully terminate employees, even if that reason is illegal. At Unlawful Termination Lawyers, LLC, we work with experienced and highly skilled investigators to expose their wrongdoing and make them pay.

Our Portland wrongful termination lawyers can provide tactical and aggressive representation to combat many types of unjust firings, including:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Whistleblowing
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination based on Race, Sex, Sexual orientation, Age and medical condition
  • Retaliation for On-the-job injury or filing Worker’s Compensation Claim

Seeking Damages for Wrongful Termination

At Unlawful Termination Lawyers, LLC, we recognize that being wrongfully terminated places a huge burden on the terminated employee. Along with immediate financial concerns, most employees worry about their references or reputation since it can affect their ability to find another job.

Our highly skilled and dedicated Portland employment lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in damages for those who have been treated unlawfully by their employers. However, money is not the only remedy we can get for you. We are almost always successful in making the employer stop bad mouthing the employee and in some circumstances, even provide the employee with a good future reference.

Our Experienced Employment Law Lawyers Are on Your Side

If you have been wrongfully terminated, hire the knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced employment law attorneys at Unlawful Termination Lawyers, LLC to be on your side. We have helped hundreds of employees get the compensation they deserve from deceitful and unjust employers.

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