Are You Facing Work Injury Retaliation?

Our Portland Employment Law Attorneys Can Help You Fight Back

It is a possibility in many work environments to sustain a serious injury while on the job. When this happens, you are entitled, by law, to file for workers' compensation. Some employers, however, may retaliate if you attempt to collect workers' compensation benefits.

Under Oregon state law, employees are protected against:

  • Termination before getting the chance to file for workers' compensation
  • Termination immediately following your filing for workers' compensation
  • Termination before or after returning to your job with a lighter work load due to your injury

Retaliation against an employee who has experienced an injury or has filed for workers' compensation violates state law. As such, if you have experienced this type of behavior from your employer, you are entitled to recover damages for lost wages, as well as for pain and suffering; you can even get your job back (if you would like to return to work). Your employer may even have to pay your attorney fees.

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At our firm, we can help you recover the damages that you deserve. Your employer has the responsibility to know and understand the laws concerning employees. They do not have the right to fire or discipline you due to your work-related injuries or a workers' compensation claim.

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