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Employment Attorney - Portland, Oregon

We represent clients in a variety of cases, including Sexual Harassment, Whistleblowing, Retaliation for on the job injury, Race Discrimination and Wrongful Termination. Most of our clients come to us feeling powerless and victimized by the wrongful conduct of heartless corporations or unaccountable employers. We fight to hold those corporations accountable and each of our attorneys takes pride in being called a great employment lawyer. Portland, Oregon, residents who have been wrongfully terminated from their jobs can rely on us to get them justice.

We pride ourselves in having a great reputation as honest avengers while helping thousands of employees in getting compensation for the wrong they suffered. Just in the last few years alone, our firm has been successful in recovering millions of dollars for our clients. But our efforts don't just stop there. We are especially proud to have caused termination of unfit and abusive managers and to have obtained handwritten apology letters from some of the most influential and despicable sexual harassers in the corporate world along with great letters of reference for our clients who were falsely and unfairly accused of poor performance or misconduct.

Mitra's relentless efforts in the last 20 years has led to changes in employment policies, management styles and corporate structures of some of the largest corporations in the United States. Ask around and you will be told that for an effective and professional employment attorney, Portland, Oregon, you should contact the employment lawyers at Mitra Law Group.

We promise to passionately advocate your interests against any employer, no matter how large and powerful, and to fight aggressively to achieve the best possible result for you. We will make the legal process easy to understand and will shelter you from any further emotional harm by your employer.

We pledge to empower you and to handle your case like it's our only case because we believe justice demands it and our reputation depends on it.

Mitra Shahri, Managing partner

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